Multichannel product listing system-

SoldEazy, a low-cost, cost-effective solution, provides a shortcut for all of you to develop ecommerce business. Using world-famed e-marketplaces to reach your potential customers, SoldEazy is ideal for any kind of retail business, helping you rapidly start up your online business!

Multiwebstore management system-

Holistic Technology partners with the international enterprises – BigCommerce and Shopify to develop online shopping platforms – STOREazy, helping users start webstores and brand-building. By the unified management system, STOREazy, you can even start and manage more than one webstore at the same time.

Order & shipment management system-

ShipEazy can efficiently handle orders and shipments and incorporate with our other products to achieve a centralized and integrated management system, one stop processing all the issues in online business. It effectively elevates the order processing speed and avoids the messy order management problem brought by the absence of centralized management system.

Multiplatform BigData Analytic System-

Big Data is the indicator of sales and marketing in all industries. A lot of resources have to be invested for collecting and analyzing data required. With our built-in data analysis function, you can easily grasp the trend of the data and understand your strengths and obstacles. Operating and management are then in control.

Dedicated Enterprise E-commerce Solution

To lead the market in the ever-changing e-commerce world, you have to race against time to seize every opportunity! With a powerful technical team, Holistic Technology can customize to meet your needs and optimize your operation effectiveness. Whatever you can think of, we will do our best to realize it and create the most efficient one-stop business system for you.